Private Lessons

First 15 mins of the lesson includes brushing and tacking up the horse properly.

Private lessons include groundwork/riding with one of my personal horses or your own with full one-on-one instruction including a demo horse for visual instruction if needed.

Contact for availability. 

1/2 HR: $50

1 HR: $60


Preparation Training

My preparation program focuses on creating a respectful, trusting, mindset for your horse. It can be a yearling, seasoned horse, newly owned, or whatever the reason, Preparation  Training with TRL Horsemanship may be a great option for you’re horse. By using natural horsemanship, my focus is to create a relationship with the horse in a language that is easy for both of us to understand. This creates leadership which leads to respect and trust. Then, I can teach you and you can then translate that to gain a well balanced relationship with your horse. With this, it sets you and your horse up for a successful career in whatever direction. I work on getting the horse desensitized to many objects, train with different exercises and methods, and prepare for riding. Owner must hire a rider or ride themselves depending. 

Full Training Includes:

- Board: contact for price

- Foundation Training: $500/month (includes your horse being worked with 4-5 times a week & 1hr private lessons weekly)


My Goal

~ Trust ~ Respect ~ Safety ~

Sharing my knowledge of horses to help each other gain a connection and understand the language of the horse.
Whether you're looking to build your horsemanship skills, gaining respect, building trust and leadership, or want to learn no matter what your experience level may be — I can give you the one-on-one instruction and guidance to help you succeed. If it's your own horse you would like to bring to the farm or you can learn with one of my Method trained ponies, contact me to get started!


My Focus:

Instruction and guidance to learn how to ride or expanding your riding experience by using horsemanship. Learn to gain control of your horse so you can enjoy your ride no matter where you go!  Disciplines: Huntseat Pleasure, Western, Pleasure Riding, Versatility, & Trail.



My Focus:

Gaining respect, leadership, and trust by moving your horse's feet.Groundwork is key to gaining respect and trust with your horse. You are able to connect mentally and physically through body language  - gaining leadership and creating a bond. This will lead to great success when you are in the saddle.

You can bring your own horse to the farm (please contact me, button below) or use one of my ponies to learn! Contact me to get started!


Lease Pricing

Quarter Lease

$250 Per Month

  • No extra expenses

  • Two (2) rides per week

  • 20% discount on additional lessons

Half Lease

$350 Per Month

  • + 1/2 horse expenses

  • 3-4 rides per week

  • One (1) free lesson per month

  • 20% discount on additional lessons

Full Lease

$600 Per Month

  • + All horse expenses 

  • Six (6) rides per week

  • 2 free lessons per month

  • 20% discount on additional lessons 


Horse Services

  • Lunging (can include side-reins/long-lining)  -  $30 (1hr session)

  • Training Groundwork: $45 (1-2hr session)

  • Training Ride -  $60 (1hr session)

  • Hand Walking - $20 per hr

  • Grooming - $10

  • Bathing - $15

  • Braiding  - $35

  • Mane Pulling  -$35


Show Services

  • Coaching Fee  - $35 per class

  • Rated Events Coaching Fee  - $100/day

  • Groom (per horse)  - $65​​

  • Lesson Horse Rental Fee (includes bathing, braiding, grooming, tack)  - $150

  • Trailering (hitched to unhitched)  - $2.75 per mile

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